Aura (biofield healing)

Did you know that you are MORE than your body? That you are, first of all energy and that whatever is going on in your life is in direct proportion of what your energy feels like? we have 2 amazing sessions to help you understand and change your energetic state


This Energy Scan & Analysis session provides you with a uniquely clear and accurate reading of your strengths— and challenges— that cannot be duplicated with other methods. 


This session will uncover which motivations are authentic to you, and which are acquired through society or family. You’ll learn where imbalances, blocks, or leakages exist in your energetic system, so that you can repair those areas of your life on the aura level, and move forward in life. 

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AURA PHOTO (20 min)

This Aura Photo session provides you with a uniquely clear and accurate portrait of your aura and demonstrates your most predominant color and a detailed description of what it means for your life.


The report includes a digital photo that can be printed and framed, and a detailed report showing 

Your main motivations, challenges and obstacles in life and gives basic suggestions for improving your life.

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