(Face to Face and Virtual Sessions)

What do you want to heal today?

Find what blocks you and reprogram your limiting beliefs 
(3 sessions recommended)

If you feel stuck in several areas of your life and have no idea why hypnothis can help you find the blocks in your subconsious mind and re-program your limiting beliefs.


I've been seeing Dr Kostina for several visits and she has been amazing in every way!! I had several issues I was dealing with and visited many practitioners who tried to help but really didn't get to the heart of the problem. She has taken the time to completely resolve it and has given me the tools to keep me going throughout the process. I love that she is forever learning and she is truly a master at what she does. She's empathetic, friendly, knowledgeable and wants the best for all her clients! She goes above and beyond to help and I am so amazed by the results. I really can't thank her enough and am so excited for both my present and my future! So so much love!!

                                           - Lalitha

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

Rewrite Your Story
(3 sessions recommended)

Trauma, abuse, and breakup can cause negative view of the world that prevents us from moving forward.  But you past does not need to be your life story. We can re-writethe scipt, and create new, more positive and effective beliefs for you.



Set Yourself Free
(2-3 sessions recommended)

Anxiety & fobias can really ruin your life. 

Start feeling free again, and open up space in your psyche for more positive emotions and experiences.



Get Your Energy Back!
(2 sessions + REIKI)

One of the worst feelings in the world is the lack of sleep!

Get your life, energy and vitality back. Let's discover the true reasons you are up at night and change it around.  Healing reiki  is added to each session.


Hooked on Sweets? Emotional Eater?

(4 sessions recommended)

Let's reshape your relationships with food and make it your friend so you can start loving your body again and gain confidence, health and vitality back!


I want to thank you for saving my son. A year ago he decided to quit drinking but we did not know where to go. My friend gave us your name. And he decided to try it out even though he did not believe in this in the beginning.... He followed all recommendations and came 2 times for a "tune up" session. He succeeded! 

- Vlad

Stop Cravings on Your Terms

(Free consultation)

You can stop your cravings on your terms! 

Using unique technology developed by professor Dovzhenko, Dr. Kostina can help you cease all cravings for alcohol in just 1 session


Quit Smoking, Drop Cravings
FREE Consultation

During our sessions we will:

a. Discover main reasons for the cravings,

b. Understand your secondary benefit of smoking

c. Reprogramm your brain for health

d. Teach you self-hypnosis so you can take control of your life.


Get Your Life & Your Relationships Back
(4 session package)

Gambling can really ruin your life and your relationships.

Let's understand the main causes of this addiction and a find more meaningful and positive purpose for your life


Bring Intimacy & Meaning to Your Life Love
(4 session package)

Sexual addiction is one of the most desctructive (and danerous) addictions for a person as it destroys not only the relationships but also creates the feeling of helplessness, shame and guilt. Let's bring intimacy and meaning to your love life!

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